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About foundry

At Foundry Build and Design, we approach each project with a fresh perspective and a commitment to delivering the very best. Foundry is built on a foundation of dedication, creativity and something not often found in the industry – transparency. Our team brings expertise in architecture, design, engineering, building, project management and finance to deliver exceptional homes that are built to last and built to be yours. Building a home goes far beyond materials and time. Experience, intelligence, patience, and pride are every bit as vital as hammer and nail. Our  team brings a passion to the process that is exceeded only by the expectations we set for all of our building partners. As a result, impeccable quality and efficient execution are evident in all that we do.  To us, design is more than what a house looks like — it’s also how it works. Our dedicated planning and design professionals help to create unique and functional living spaces we're proud to call our homes. After the plans are complete, we coordinate unique characteristics that each home has to offer. Creating the final product and finalizing our homes requires a diligence and attention to detail in order to ensure that every expectation is met.  In doing so, we believe that the product ultimately speaks for itself.

The Foundry Team


David Wilbanks

Managing Partner

David started in the construction industry working on a sheetrock crew during the summers in high school and college. After graduating from UGA with a degree in accounting, he worked in finance for two major firms in Atlanta. Following his passion to build, Foundry was born with Brett Davis and Bobby Livingston in their combined interest to bring better homes to Atlanta’s best neighborhoods.


Bobby Livingston

Construction Manager

Bobby brings more than 15 years and a portfolio of more than 100 homes to the Foundry Team. A bloodline builder, Bobby is the third generation of his family to design, develop and build homes in and around the Atlanta area. A true asset to the team as the Head of construction, Bobby’s approach and enthusiasm for building homes is unmatched.

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Marshall Saul

Sales manager

Marshall is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate with a strong background in various aspects of residential development.  Marshall is a licensed real estate agent of 12 years in Georgia and plays an integral role in our preconstruction and sales processes.  His passion for planning and design are evident in his work with our architects, designers, investors, clients and agent partners.


Michael Martin

operations manager

Michael is an Atlanta transplant with several years in the construction industry under his belt. He started at a young age helping his father build boat storage and transitioned into building out full remodels after college. Michael believes team work and integrity are the corner stones of the building process, and brings great value to the company.

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